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Words & Music by
Steve Lang

Steve Lang

Steve began piano and clarinet lessons when he was seven years old. He participated in his school bands and orchestras from fourth grade through high school. In seventh grade he started a rock band with some classmates, began writing original songs, and never looked back.

After graduating from high school in New Jersey, Steve majored in composition and arranging at Berklee College Of Music in Boston. He then spent four years on the road with a show band he formed with friends from his home town and continued to write music.

His first song placement was with the British musician John Parr (co-writer with David Foster of "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion:") and he got his first taste of reality when Parr decided to boycott his recording contract, subsequently preventing the release of Steve's composition.

Seeing the new market that was emerging with television and film licensing, Steve moved to California and started writing for publishers that catered to that niche. He has now placed over 100 songs in dozens of films and TV shows, with recent projects including the Dr. Phil Show, Entertainment Tonight, Rachel Ray and The Insider.


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